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The Beauty of the Dordogne, France
In the beginning, God created

God created man and woman in His image…

God is Creator and because we are made in His image, creativity is an essential part of our being. Each of us has a need (whether hidden or acknowledged) to express ourselves in unique and creative ways, as a way of discoveryexperience, and growth. We may do that with paints, in words, in design, in food, in dance, with music, photography, construction, or textiles,  just to name a few.

Because your creativity comes from a deep place within you, the expression of it may have been affected by your upbringing, value and belief system, and perhaps some inner wounding. Therefore, the expression of creativity and/or the search for it, is always rewarding and revelatory, and even healing. It can help you grow in self discovery and self worth.

Creativity is something that has value because it is as unique to us as the color of our eyes or our height or the way that we smile.  We don’t need to make money at it or have the approval or recognition of others (although we might) in order to validate that creative part of us. We only need to discover it within ourselves because it is important for us to embrace it as a part of fully accepting ourselves.

We cannot say, “I am not creative.” It simply isn’t true. It might be true that there different levels of creativity and of motivation to express that creativity. We might be happy coloring within the lines or need the freedom of an empty canvas.

My story

Throughout my life I have searched for ways to express myself creatively. I have struggled with it at times, trying to push myself beyond the freedom to express my creativity through practical arts such as cooking, sewing, and decorating. For example, I enjoy art, and I like to paint, but have struggled to give myself permission to experiment and grow in this area. That is slowly changing and I hope to be able to share some of my explorations with you. In recent years I have discovered that I am able to creatively express myself through words – and this blog is the current fulfillment of that expression. This blog also gives me an opportunity to share some of my photography.

What about you?

Leave me a comment and let me hear your story. How do you express yourself creatively? What struggles do you face in doing that?



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