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More Love, More Power

Over the past couple+ decades I have been involved in the evolution of the church in its approach to praying for healing – at least in the traditional Baptist/Evangelical church that I am most familiar with. In the 1980’s and 90’s, it was the Vineyard church with its emphasis on the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit, particularly in relation to physical healing and deliverance. John Wimber believed that scripture pointed to physical healing as the rightful experience of all believers. This movement was quite successful for a time because people were hungry for a greater experience of God’s presence in their lives. Worship was an important facet of the Vineyard church and many songs such as “More Love, More Power” were written to encourage this theology of the Holy Spirit moving in power in people’s lives. For someone raised in a traditional Baptist environment, this period of time was sometimes uncomfortable, yet always exhilarating. Once I “discovered” the Holy Spirit, I became excited about my faith and began to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Further understanding came through the teaching of Ellel Ministries. Ellel is an international non denominational para church organization out of England, led by Peter Horrobin. Its focus is on healing and discipleship and the Kingdom of God. Through in-depth teaching, we began to understand that the roots of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual illness are often rooted internally through sin – whether those are through the sinful actions (or inaction) of others against us, and/or our own sinful choices and responses. We learned to listen to the Holy Spirit as he would use the knowledge that we gained to address areas of brokenness in people’s lives that manifested in their bodies and in their inner person.  As a result, I have seen many people come into great freedom in their lives. The teaching and experience that I gained through this ministry have been invaluable to me.

A Relationship of Trust

Although I have seen God move in powerful ways and have heard countless testimonies of deliverance and healing, I still see a church in need of “more love and more power.” But focus of this love and power should not be for a result, rather, a relationship.

And an essential element to any close relationship is trust.

How well do I know Jesus? How much do I trust God?

If I know him well, I can trust that he is who he says that he is. I can trust in his promises. My faith does not need to rely on what I see – but rather, what I believe.

  • If I believe that God is compassionate, then I don’t need to be afraid to bare my heart to him.
  • If I believe that he is forgiving, I don’t need to hide my sins.
  • If I believe that he is faithful, then I will wait for him to act on my behalf.
  • If I believe that he has a desire to glorify himself in my life, then I don’t need to strive to prove myself.

Jesus – The Perfect Demonstration of God’s Love and Power

When Jesus challenges us about our faith, what he really is saying, “Do you trust ME?” “Do you believe in ME?” He draws our attention to Himself. He demonstrates God’s heart toward us in everything that he says and does. In the whole of his ministry he did only what he saw his Father doing. They were one in love and purpose. Man connecting with God in a relationship of trust is a powerful thing. Because he knew God, trusted God, listened to God, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, he moved in the power of God. Apart from God, he could do nothing. Neither can we!

I have often been challenged by Jesus’ promises to us that we only need to ask, and we will get what we ask for – we will be able to do great works such as healing – and more. Although my life fails in many ways to give testimony to these truths – the life of Jesus does!

Therefore, I fix my eyes on Jesus, who is the one who has called me to himself in love – and who now perfects faith in me. (Hebrews 12:2)

God has given me wonderful promises and declared them “Yes!” and “Amen!” in Jesus. (2 Corinthians 1:20). Although the promises of God are too numerous to list here, here are just a few that rest on the believer’s confidence in the powerful name of Jesus. I am eager to discover and experience their truth in Christ.

  • In his name I can ask the Father anything! (John 14:13)
  • In his name, it will be given, so that I may have joy. (John 16:23)
  • In his name, my prayers and my life will bear fruit. (John 15:16)
  • In his name, I will receive in Christ’s presence.  (John 15:7)
  • In his name, my faith will be proved true. (Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24)
  • In his name, I know that God hears me.  (1 John 5:14-15)
  • In his name, I know that in the seeking and knocking that the keys to the kingdom will be given to me. (Luke 11:9)

By keeping my eyes on Jesus I find the courage to believe. I find hope to persevere. I find Jesus is enough!